Robin Andersen has proven herself capable of capturing her subjects in the often hard to capture moments 'in-between'. She is not satisfied with the expected, often the most assessable and posed moments. Her clientele deserve—and get—more. 

She understands the subtle gravity of images, and the delicate balance of a subject's ego versus a successful composition—two forces often be locked in conflict. She arbitrates such conflicts with professionalism and dedication to craft and it shows in the final product. 

Whether you are seeking a large scale multi-subject shoot or a more personalized session, Robin can offer you the highest quality images at a fair price.

Andersen's practice is based on a consistent level of quality and production. Whether shooting the headcount of an entire company or focused on the portraiture of a single subject, her eye and hard-earned sensibilities drive impactful, succinct imagery. 

Photography is a medium that so many seek to gain status and credibility through the caliber of their equipment and number of images taken. She knows that it's not about photo-count nor the size of one's lens, but about results. Volume does not equate to quality. Her background in design and filmmaking both add a deeper understanding of light, color, shadow, and composition that is often lost on many of her peers. In her work clients find 'that look' that they were hoping for. Her pre-shoot interactions with her subjects help to suss out exactly what the client is seeking with the session—ultimately it is about the subject and their wants and needs and not that of the photographer. When working with her this will play an important part in setting the tone and agenda for the shoot. 

You'll find her passion and relentless attention to detail during the all-too-important post-production aspect of the process to be invaluable. Unlike many photographers she carries a strong technical background with photo retouching which gives her an unmistakable edge and you the consumer a less processed look to your photos. We've all seen photography that has suffered from over-processing and a lack of finesse, rest assured that you'll not find such shortcomings with Andersen's work.

Selected Client List:

  • Adaptive Path
  • Adobe Inc.
  • AOL
  • Brain Traffic
  • Fertile Medium
  • Freestyle Capital
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
  • Pixar Animation Studios
  • Inner Circle Entertainment
  • LUXr Co.
  • MoPub
  • Mixt Greens
  • Playboy Enterprises Inc.
  • San Francisco Fire Department
  • Sharethrough
  • Sindeo
  • Thing Labs
  • TiVo Inc.
  • TripIt Inc.
  • Village Voice Media

Did you know?

Robin is also Director of Design at Thrive Global, with the mission to end the stress and burnout epidemic by offering companies and individuals sustainable, science-based solutions to enhance well-being, performance, and purpose, and create a healthier relationship with technology.